FLOORSORBA TRIPLE™ acoustic flooring system tiles are primarily designed to reduce both airborne, as well as impact sound in multiple dwellings. Their minimal thickness is ideal when reducing the noise in new build as well as refurbishment projects. Installation is simple and easy as the panels are just laid on the existing floor. This ease of installation means that the project can be completed very quickly hence minimising the disruption caused to occupants.

The raw materials used are recyclable hence conserving the earths resources.

Floorsorba - Acoustic Floor panels


Acoustic Flooring Systems

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Multiple dwellings suffer from noise transmission problems through floors. These disturb the occupants and significantly lower the quality of life for them and their families. Sometimes this leads to friction between the different occupants and residents moving out to quieter properties.

FLOORSORBA TRIPLE acoustic flooring panels are manufactured from high density sound resistant polymer barrier sheets as the top and bottom surfaces with a viscoelastic isolation foam sandwiched in between.

These materials are made from 100% recycled polymers and 100% recycled foam. FLOORSORBA TRIPLE acoustic flooring panels allows carpets to be fitted on top hence saving the cost of additional carpet underlay.


Acoustic Performance

Floorsorba Acoustic properties


Survey the existing floor making sure that it is flat and level and ensure that the floorboards are firmly secure and fix any loose or damaged boards. Seal the joints if in doubt by laying BARRIERSORBA sheeting on top of the existing floorboards to ensure good sealing between the floorboard joints.

FLOORSORBA TRIPLE acoustic flooring panels are laid, or even better glue bonded to the floor.

The normal method is to fit the panels in a staggered brick bond pattern and ensure that the edge joints and perimeter joints are buttered together tightly. All joints should be sealed with BARRIERSORBA tape. The perimeter edges should be sealed with flexible sealant.

As the FLOORSORBA TRIPLE panels are approximately 12mm thick, it will be wise to fit 6mm thicks x 25-30mm wide timber batten (width to suit the carpet gripper being used) around the perimeter of the room. The carpet grippers can then be nailed to this timber batten.


FLOORSORBA TRIPLE acoustic flooring panels can be cut by using a sharp long bladed knife. First score the surface then run through with the knife several times to avoid ragged cutting. An electric circular saw can be used for a large number of cuts.

When laying vinyl flooring, wooden laminate flooring, carpet tiles or bonded carpet, install T&G plywood sheets bonded to the top of FLOORSORBA TRIPLE acoustic flooring panels.

The T&G plywood sheet joints should not be near any acoustic panel joints. As T&G plywood is natural timber, they can expand or contract hence leave a small expansion gap around the perimeter and fill this with silicone type flexible sealant. The T&G plywood sheets spreads points of loading and avoids carpet and joint movement damage to the floor finish.


Please refer to and work from the installation details given in the product brochure.

Panel Size

1200 x 600 x 12mm nominal thickness (± 3mm)


Nominal weight for FLOORSORBA TRIPLE acoustic flooring panels is 15kg/m˛ (approx.)


Once the panels are laid and the top floor covering fitted then there is no further maintenance required.