Restaurant – Cloudsorba & Fotosorba

Cloudsorba acoustic ceiling panels were used to reduce the echo and reverberation in a high end hotel restaurant. The client wanted a contemporary ceiling acoustic solution which matched the current hotel decor and theme.

The Cloudsorba acoustic panels and Fotosorba acoustic panels were the ideal choice as the choice of 72 colours meant that it was easy for the customer to find colours to match the existing theme and they could use their own images on the Fotosorba to create artwork for the walls.

The Cloudsorba acoustic panels are a CLASS A sound absorber which combined with the modern look of a floating panel system made it the perfect solution for the restaurant area within the hotel. This combined with the black and white Fotosorba Digitally printed acoustic panels created a great solution to the noise problem.

The installation of the Cloudsorba and Fotosorba acoustic panels has reduced the noise generated in the restaurant area and made the environment a lot more comfortable and relaxing. Restaurant guests have said that they have felt a huge improvement in the noise levels and it is now much easier to communicate in the restaurant. The Fotosorba acoustic panels have been disguised as canvas artwork and have added some character to the already elegant design.

Room Type: Restaurant

Products: Cloudsorba suspended acoustic panels, Fotosorba digitally printed canvas acoustic panels.

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