School – Hammersmith Academy

We worked alongside the architects to design the scheme for school acoustic treatment in the newly built Hammersmith Academy in London.

The Academy is based in a specialist four storey building which boasts state-of-the-art facilities including a large Theatre, Drama and Dance studios, Digital Editing and IT suites, Library, Fitness Suite, four-bay Sports Hall, outdoor Astroturf area, modern practical art and design, science and technology spaces, and modern classrooms and larger learning bases. All of these spaces required acoustic treatment.

The Wallsorba Type C Shadow Joint system was the perfect product to use. Along with the Class A sound absorption performance it provide, we were also able to offer custom sizes and up to 72 colour choices from our Standard range. This accompanied with the fact that we could manufacture all acoustic panels within 7 working days made it the perfect solution.

The Wallsorba Type C acoustic panels were simply glued to the walls; they do not require any framework or trims and therefore reduced the labour time considerably for the team on site.

The end outcome was a great acoustic solution which offered optimum sound absorption and also matched the architects design.

Room Types: Theatre Hall, Fitness Suite, Dining Room, Classrooms, Sportshall, Drama and Dance Studios

Products: Wallsorba Type C Class A acoustic panels.

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