School – Braynston School

The Braynston School contacted us to provide a solution to the noise problem in their music practise room. The room was small with reflective surfaces all around. This made the environment unbearable when the drums were being played.

The Wallsorba Type C Shadow Joint Class A sound absorbers were fitted to all 4 walls. The end result was, as we expected, a remarkable improvement. We manufactured custom sized acoustic panels which were prefinished so there was no need for any visible trims. The acoustic panels were very easy to install so the school caretaker took responsibility for the installation which saved the school money on labour costs.

The simple installation, high performance , and quick turnaround time of 5 days made the Wallsorba Type C panels the perfect solution.

In the end the school was happy with the result and therefore so were we.

Room Type: Music Practise Room

Product: Wallsorba Type C – 40mm

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