WALLSORBA acoustic panels are used to reduce reverberant noise levels in buildings.WALLSORBA panels transform a stark, echoing area into a warm, quieter, congenial work place.

WALLSORBA panels are pre-decorated and therefore they decorate and solve the acoustics in one operation.

Wallsorba Acoustic Wall Panels


Acoustic Wall Panels Solutions for Noise and Reverberation

For examples of Wallsorba please visit our case studies of a School Classroom, Sports Hall and HMP Prison.

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Wallsorba are high specification acoustic panel systems. These are the most popular aesthetic sound absorbing panels. They are durable, fire rated, visually pleasing and offer excellent acoustic performance.

They are the decorative solution to your sound control needs. The panels are used extensively to transform areas such as multi-purpose halls, open-plan offices, conference suites, studios and interview rooms into workable environments.

Panels are finished in high quality acoustic fabrics available in 80 various colours. Three standard panel versions are offered.

Acoustic Performance

Wallsorba acoustic properties


  Frequency (Hz)
  40mm Direct
  25mm Direct


Tee Joint Panel System

This is the most economical panel utilising white Upvc fixing sections. The panels have cut edges on all four sides. The Upvc sections serve two functions. One is to decoratively mask the edges and the other is as structural fixing sections. This system is the most flexible as panels can be cut on site to suit wall dimensions.

Tee Joint Panel System

Butt Joint Panel System

This eliminates the requirement of a tee joint section as this panel has reinforced long edges and the fabric facing is wrapped around the two long edges of the panel. This results in a neat, crisp butt joint between the panels.

Butt Joint Panel System

Shadow Joint Panel System

InstallationInstallation to Walls
Panels are installed using impaling clips and Gluesorba contact spray adhesive. This method allows the panels to be fixed direct to concrete, brickwork, wood, plaster or metal.

There are different depths of impaling clips for 25mm thivk panels and for 40mm panels. A site installation guide is sent with each delivery.

Installation to Ceilings
Panels greater than 1200 x 600mm should not be fixed to ceilings unless other mechanical methods are used such as "Z" clips. The total number of "Z" clips used will differ depending on the panel sizes. Please request a full installation guide for this method.


Please refer to and work from the installation details given in the product brochure.

Acoustic Panel Systems Specification

Fire Resistance

The recycled glasswool acoustic board provides very good fire resistant properties. This is fire rated as Class 0 to BS476: Part 6. Standard fabric facings comply with Class 1 to BS476: Part 7. Class 0 fire rated fabric finishes are also available on request. Upvc trims are fire rated as BS476 Part 7. Like normal Upvc,the trims have a maximum softening limit of 60C.


The 25mm thick Wallsorba panels weigh approximately 3kg/m², whilst the 40mm thick wallsorba panels weigh approximately 4kg/m². Upvc trims weigh approx. 1kg/length.

Cleanability and Maintenance

The panels are designed for long term use in building environments with minimal maintenance. However, the panels can be vacuum cleaned periodically. Any slight dirt marks may be cleaned with a damp cloth or a proprietary cleaner.