Acoustics in Police Stations

The need for good acoustics in Police station interview rooms is paramount. The crystal clear recording of peoples verbal statements are vital as the transcript of such interviews will be used as evidence in court.

Arrests and interview of suspects in carried out according to the Police & Criminal Evidence Act.

The interview rooms are custom built for such purposes and have equipment in each room for recordings.

If such interviews were carried out in plain rooms , then the sound recording can be unintelligible due to the sound bouncing off the hard internal room wall and/or ceiling surfaces. Vital words can be misunderstood. Therefore good acoustic must be designed from the outset for such rooms.

Also the door needs to be a high performance acoustic door to avoid problems with noise transference between the interview rooms and the outside areas.

Soundsorba have solutions for both wall linings and ceiling linings

The walls should be lined with Wallsorba or Woodsorba acoustic panels . Normally these are lined from the top of the skirting to the bottom of ceiling.

Sometimes there is electrical trunking half way up the wall. In these cases, the Wallsorba or Woodsorba acoustic panels stop and start below and above the electrical trunking.

Using Wallsorba acoustic wall panels.

These are available in a wide range of standard colours and have high acoustic absorption.

The Type B Butt version in most popular and is fitted above and below the electrical dado trunking as it can be cut on site to suit different wall sizes.

The Type C Shadow version is also widely used and is completely finished to the sizes required so that it arrives on site ready to fit onto the walls.

Wallsorba acoustic panels in a police station

Using Echosorba acoustic ceiling panels

Often the ceilings of the interview rooms and also the corridors are hard and sound reflective. Echosorba panels are the simple way to absorb that noise as the panels are just glue bonded to the ceiling. They are non- combustible in terms of fire rating hence safe to use in such areas. No additional work is required are they come pre-finished a white colour.

Using Woodsorba timber acoustic wall and ceiling panels

These are resistant to knocks etc and hence durable but finished in a classy range of real wood veneers. Their structural strength makes them ideal for areas where objects may be thrown at them. The face of the Woodsorba acoustic panels is also simple to clean by just wiping.

Police Station Acoustic Panels

Using Doorsorba sound insulating doorsets.

When interviews are being conducted , it is vital that people passing by in the corridor cannot hear what is being discussed in the interview room. The weakest link is always the door. You must make sure that you have a high sound insulating doorsets. Doorsorba acoustic doorsets are rated up to 44 decibels. This will make sure that that discussions are kept in the interview room.

The installation below shows a typical police interview room with Wallsorba Type B Butt joint version acoustic wall panels on the walls ,above and below the electrical dado trunking , and Doorsorba sound insulating doorset.

Just a few of the Police organisations which have used Soundsorba acoustic panels.

  • Hessle Police Station – Hessle
  • Lewisham Police Station – London
  • Bransholme Police Station – Bransholme
  • Met Police – London
  • Portswood Police Station – Southampton
  • Sutton Police Station – Sutton
  • North Wales Police Station – Colwyn Bay
  • West Yorkshire Police – Wakefield
  • Bridgend Custody Suites – Bridgend
  • Bracknell Police Station – Bracknell
  • Salford Custody Centre- Redhill
  • Haywards Heath Police Station – Haywards Heath
  • Braintree Police Station – Braintree
  • Newbury Police Station – Newbury
  • Cumbria Police Station – Penrith
  • St Leonards Police Station – Edinburgh
  • Caenarfon Police Station – Gwynedd

Soundsorba will be pleased to assistance in helping to provide the best acoustic specification for your Police Station building. Contact us for free technical advice at or on 01494 536888.

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