Sound Absorption

Sound absorption is the science of deadening reverberant noise in a room or hall. The lay person perceives this as “echo” . This is caused by sound waves travelling through the air until they hit a surface. When a sound wave reaches a surface, it will be partly reflected off the surface, back into the room, and continue travelling in a new direction and some of the incident sound wave will be partly absorbed by the surface , with the absorbed energy being dissipated as heat.

The amount of sound energy that can be absorbed by a surface is given by its absorption coefficient, α. The absorption coefficient can take values in the range 0 to 1. A surface that absorbs no sound (totally reflective surface) has an absorption coefficient of 0 and a surface that absorbs all sound incident upon it, has an absorption coefficient of 1. Thus the higher the value of α, the more sound will be absorbed.

Virtually all of Soundsorba sound absorbing acoustic panels have sound absorption coefficients of 1 or near 1.

Sound absorption panels can be fitted to walls or ceilings or a combination of both.

Soundsorba offer a complete range of sound absorbing panels which will deaden any room or hall.

Please speak to Soundsorba for free technical advice on sound absorption for your room.

Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation is scientifically an incorrect word as it should be called ‘sound reduction’ through a material.

However as it is commonly called sound insulation although it is almost impossible to have total “Sound Insulation” where you cannot hear anything at all. The aim is to reduce the noise level from one room to another to a degree where the noise is not a nuisance and does not interfere with the use of the adjacent room. Increasing the sound reduction can be done in a number of ways. One is to increase the mass of the wall/ceiling/floor construction. The second is to isolate the different mass layers with airspaces. The third is to use materials which are visco-elastic i.e. which vibrate at a minimum level when hit by a sound wave.

The sound reduction is usually measured in Decibels.

Soundsorba offer a range of sound reduction products for walls, ceiling and floors.

These products provide airborne as well as vibrational noise reduction for residential as well as commercial buildings.

Please contact Soundsorba for free technical advice on Sound reduction for our building.

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