Floorsorba27 acoustic flooring boards are used to reduce airborne and impact floor sound through separating floors between adjacent properties such as houses, flats, offices, etc. Their acoustic floors performance conforms to Approved Document E of the Building Regulations.

The Floorsorba27 acoustic boards are laid on top of existing timber floorboard construction in a staggered bond pattern with all the joints glued. The perimeter is isolated using an isolated tape.

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic floors performance

Typical acoustic performance based on Floorsorba27 acoustic boards laid over 18mm flooring deck with timber joist construction, having 100mm Soundsorba insulation quilt between the joists, resting on existing plasterboard ceiling with additional 2 layers of 15mm plasterboard.


The Floorsorba27 acoustic boards should be stored in the rooms where the boards are going to be installed for at least 24 hours before use.

With the structural floorboards removed, lay 100mm thick Soundsorba acoustic insulation quilt between the joists. Use the Floorsorba27 isolation tape and fit this around the perimeter of the room and ensure that it will stand proud by about 3mm of the finished Floorsorba27 boards. The first board should have the tongue cut off one end and one long edge of the board so that it will butt neatly and tightly against the isolation tape on the edge of the wall.

Fit the other acoustic boards by gluing the Tongue and Groove joints with Floorsorba267 joint adhesive. Install the acoustic boards in a staggered pattern.

Allow the joint adhesive to cure (up to 48 hours) before walking on the floors.

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