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Fotosorba™ digitally printed acoustic wall and ceiling panels have been created with a combination of design and good acoustics. They are acoustic panels cleverly disguised as pictures.

This superb solution to echo and reverberation is great for areas where aesthetics is a high priority.

In open plan areas such as restaurants, reception areas, hotels, offices and conference rooms, the space can become very noisy. This is because the wall and ceiling surfaces reflect the sound and allow it to bounce back into the room hence creating echo and reverberation. The noise becomes worse as the number of people increase in the room.

Acoustic Performance

Fotosorba Acoustic Performance for Acoustic Panels


Fotosorba™ acoustic art panels are simply installed using the Gluesorba Spray can adhesive which makes installation very quick and easy. For full details of how to install these panels please refer to our Fixing Guide.

Photo Library

We provide a library of images from which you are able to choose very high definition images. You are able to access the image library on Shutterstock. Choose any image from this library and provide us the reference number and we will be able to print this on to the acoustic fabric. This library of photos are all high resolution images which do not lose clarity when enlarged. You are also able to provide us your own high resolution photos which are of high resolution which then can be applied to the sound absorbing panel. A landscape image should be selected for a landscape panel and a portrait image for a portrait panel.

Please refer to and work from the installation details given in the product brochure.

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