Linersorba acoustic panels

LINERSORBA is a highly cost-effective system to absorb noise in building spaces. It is very flexible and easy to install as it snaps fits onto wall surfacesusing proprietary U channels and T sections. The acoustic panels have an off-white speckled face, giving a rugged mottled visual appearance whilst still offering a valued added finish.

Ideal for areas that are not exposed to possible damage. They are generally used out of touching distance on walls of offices, community halls, schools and universities, laboratoriesworkshops, etc.

Acoustic Performance

Linersorba Acoustic Performance

Note: This is based on direct fixed backing. Even higher absorption can be achieved when installed with an air gap.


Linersorba installationThe panels have cut edges on all four sides but can be cut on-site using a Stanley knife or similar. Clean white cotton gloves should be used when handling the panels to avoid any possibility of marking the face of the panels.

The UPVC section serves two functions. One is to decoratively mask the edges and the other is as structural fitting sections. This system is the most flexible as panels can be cut on site to suit wall dimensions.

Use spirit level to align all horizontal and vertical surfaces. Drill oversized holes in UPVC female trims larger than the screw shank but smaller than screw head. Use V line as guide.

Screw fix at maximum of 400 mm centres. The backing wall, to which the Linersorba acoustic panels are to be fixed, must have a continuous solid backing wall surface that must be flat and level.

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