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Schoolsorba is an exceptional sound absorbing panel system for high frequencies, for example absorbing 80% of sound at 2kHz. It can assist in the reduction of noise in classrooms, to improve the teaching and learning experience, generally enhancing the acoustics within the room.

This product is a non-woven, durable, high density polyester construction.
Available in:

  • Roll version
  • Tile version

Interesting and unique design features/patterns can be created with both options.

Schoolsorba is excellent where minimal thickness (10mm) is a necessity, and also allows walls to be covered whilst the ceiling remains exposed. This can also be used as display pin boards, making it perfect for classrooms and also offices.

The sound absorption qualities displayed are as a result of the unique non woven high density polyester construction. The product is easy to install. The multiple colours and functionality makes it the right choice for decorating classrooms, corridors, music rooms, dining rooms, computer rooms and many other walls in the education sector, as well as offices.

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Performance For Schools Acoustic Panels


Schoolsorba Acoustic Wall Lining is easily installed from roll/tile material. The product is installed lengthways down the chosen sector with each panel butting closely to its neighbour.

Installation of school acoustic panels

Gluesorba contact adhesive is a quick spray-on application which comes ready to use in 500ml spray cans. The lining and adhesive must be kept and stored inside at room temperature at all times and acclimatised in the area where they are to be used for 24 hours before installation. The roll/tile is adhered to the backing surface using a butt joint effect. To avoid soiling the roll/tile, white cotton gloves should be worn when handling them. The backing surface must be clean, flat, level, dry, solid and free from dust, oil, grease and other similar residue
which may affect the adhesion.

The contact adhesive has to be applied to both the tile/roll and wall surface in a web type pattern. The adhesive should be held 150 – 300mm away from the surface at a constant 90 degree angle. Glue coverage should be 100%.

A primer coat should be applied on the product and wall, then a second coat should be applied a minute after. The
tiles should be placed accurately into position as the adhesive creates an immediate bond upon contact.

The roll should be installed with a similar method, covering an area of the wall and roll with a primer coat, and then applying a second coat ensuring that the edges are well covered.

We recommend installing these tiles with the arrows pointing up. If the tiles are fitted with arrows in different directions, colour variances will occur. This can be used to make different design effects.

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