Screensorba™ acoustic office screens have exceptional acoustic performance. They are double sided acoustic screen units with an internal sound reduction core that can be used as acoustic screens, partitions and barriers.

These have two acoustical functions. It reduces direct sound transmission from one work zone to another, and it absorbs sound, hence reducing flanking sound reflections into adjacent work zones.

Depending on your budget and specific requirements, Soundsorba can offer two styles of screen.

Free-standing screens with linking facility.

Desk mounted screens available with optional wire management

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Office Screen Panels


Free Standing Screens

Acoustic office screens for sound absorptionThese can be free standing individual screens in a stand alone situation using flat T section feet.

Alternatively these can be linked to each other in a wide combination of workplace plans.

Desk Mounted Screens

Office screens for sound absorptionThese are fixed to desk units using brackets to ensure that the screens will fit securely to the desks.

Please refer to and work from the installation details given in the product brochure.

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