Squaresorba™ is an acoustic suspended ceiling tile designed for the new millennium. Optically futuristic, the unique and high tech innovative design of the acoustic ceiling tiles makes them ideal for designers with creative flair.

Squaresorba ceiling tiles are equally at home in retail/commercial applications as they are in high profile locations such as showrooms, call centres, reception areas, high tech offices, music and television studios.

Squaresorba tiles are ideal for food establishments, such as restaurants and fast food areas as they are free of mineral fibre, halogen and CFC.

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic ceiling tiles


Squaresorba acoustic tile size is 593 x 593mm to fit into a standard 24mm, 600 x 600mm modular exposed grid system.

Mirror finish grid adds a lustre finish to the whole ceiling design. Regular edge and flat edge versions are available. We recommend that the perimeter cuts are made of flat tiles and not regular tiles. The tiles can be cut with standard metal snips.

Please refer to and work from the installation details given in the product brochure.

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