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Acoustic Wall Panels – London Architects Office

Acoustic wall panels in London office

An Architectural Firm from London contacted us about requiring sound absorption in meeting booths in their new office. They wanted the booths to not be very reverberant, so we suggested using our Wallsorba Type C 40mm thick CLASS A acoustic wall panels, which can be made in custom sizes. This could be made bespoke to their exact size requirements to fill the walls of the booths.

Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels – Modern Kitchen

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles in kitchen

We were contacted about an acoustic issue in a customer’s kitchen in their home. The hard, reflective surfaces in the kitchen resulted in a very high reverberation time. We carried out a free reverberation time calculation to determine how much sound absorption was needed to reduce the reverberation time to an acceptable level, and also recommended various products that might suit the area.

School Acoustic Panels – Evington Valley Primary School

School Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

The school contacted us as they were suffering with long reverberation times in their Multi-Purpose Hall and Classrooms. Acoustics are highly important in these areas, as speech intelligibility is severely affected by long reverberation times, and this can also put a strain on the teacher’s voice trying to be heard.

The use of our Echosorba acoustic ceiling tiles and Wallsorba Type A acoustic wall panels reduced the reverberation time in accordance with the BB93 Acoustics in Schools guidance, to make for a much better environment.

Events Hall – Rowing Museum, Henley On Thames

Acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling in a museum

We were contacted by the Rowing Museum in Henley regarding an acoustic issue they were having in their events hall.

Due to the large amount of hard, reflective surfaces in the room, there was a long reverberation time in the hall, making it difficult for users of the hall to converse with one another and enjoy themselves.

Soundsorba offered a free Reverberation Time calculation to determine how this problem could be solved.

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