Library – Ruskin College

We were contacted by Ruskin College to provide an acoustic solution for their Library.

Ruskin College is an independent college based in Oxford that specialises in providing educational opportunities for adults with few or no qualifications.

This library, like many others had a lot of reflective surfaces which resulted in high levels of echo and reverberation. The college wanted an acoustic solution which also provided a high class finish.

The Woodsorba Timber acoustic panels stood out as the outstanding product to use. The acoustic performance combined with the natural wood veneer finish provided the college with the high class finish they were looking for.

The Woodsorba Timber acoustic panels are very unique as they are hard panels so you would not usually associate this type of material with sound absorption. However, using cutting edge technology the panels are machined in such a way that they absorb sound to a high level.

The College staff and students have been extremely pleased with the results both acoustically and aesthetically.

Room Type: Library

Products: Woodsorba timber acoustic panels.

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