Marlow Rowing Club

Suspended ceiling acoustic panels in Marlow

Marlow Rowing Club contacted us about a problem them were having with long reverberation times in their social area. This was having an impact on the club as what should have been a relaxing area was very unpleasant to be in due to the high noise levels.

These were caused by the long reverberation time decreasing speech intelligibility, meaning the members and guests of the rowing club would keep raising their voices to be heard.

Soundsorba carried out a free Reverberation Time Calculation to determine how much absorption would be required to reduce the long reverberation time to a more tolerable level.

Due to the walls having many features on them, such as paintings and also rowing oars, this left the ceiling available for acoustic panels. Our Cloudsorba suspended acoustic panels were perfect for this environment, due to them being a Class A absorber, and also the ability to suspend these panels at a slight angle to match that of the existing roof.

The panels could also be made in custom sizes so as to fit between the light fittings. Our range of 72 fabrics allowed for a colour to be chosen that would blend in with the existing ceiling. The panels were delivered within 7 working days ready for installation by a local building contractor. These panels benefit from a simple installation method, allowing for a stress free experience.

Overall the Marlow Rowing Club members and guests were very happy with the results that our Cloudsorba suspended acoustics panels gave.

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