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A firm of architects contacted Soundsorba for an acoustic solution for their new offices. Modern offices look great with their wood flooring, nice shiny new desks, high ceilings and flat white walls. They don’t, however, create a great acoustic environment to work in, especially with half a dozen busy architects on the phone.

We needed to find a solution which kept within the contemporary modern design of the offices and also provided the best absorption.

The product we settled on was the Cloudsorba Suspended acoustic panels. These panels can be manufactured in any size and shape and are available in 72 different colours.

This was the perfect solution as the architects could pick contemporary shapes for their design and they would also be getting a Class A sound absorber which is the best type available.

In the end the ‘Circle’ theme was what they preferred and in keeping with the design of the office they were manufactured in white. The order was manufactured in a very short lead time of 5-7 days.
The customer was astounded with the results. The offices are now a lot more comfortable to work in and the architects can communicate well with each other and their clients without having to raise their voices.

Room Type: Open Plan Office

Products: Cloudsorba Class A acoustic panels – Circles

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