School – Blue Coat School

The Blue Coats School had a number of areas in the school which were causing them acoustic problems. We worked alongside the school decision makers to establish he best possible acoustic panel solutions for each of these areas.

The problematic areas were the Dining Hall, Arts Classroom, and the Reception area. All of these areas were large spaces with lots of reflective surfaces around. This made it very difficult for the teachers and pupils to communicate.

There were different requirements for each area, therefore different products were used. This was not a problem for us at Soundsorba as we have designed products suitable for every type of building and room.

The requirements in the Dining Hall were to have an acoustic panel which would fit in with the existing décor and also be at high level on the walls and the ceiling. Wallsorba acoustic panels were used on the walls and the Echosorba acoustic panels on the ceiling.

In the Arts Classroom the walls were out of bounds. This was because a lot of the pupils work is displayed on the walls. Therefore we opted to use the Cloudsorba Class A performing acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling. These were custom sized to suit the classroom and finished in a contemporary fabric finish.

In the Reception area the ceiling was treated with the Echosorba stick on acoustic ceiling panels. These panels can be fitted individually or butted up to each other. They are simply glued on to the soffit, which makes for a very easy installation.

The teachers and pupils were extremely happy with the end result.

Room Type: Dining Hall, Classroom, Reception area

Products: Wallsorba Type C, Echosorba, Cloudsorba

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