Scout Hall – Cookham Scout Hall

The Cookham Scout Group contacted us to help them with their noise issue in their hall. After a site visit we noticed that a wall panel solution would not be suitable as there were many displays on the walls of the hall. The Scout Group made it clear that the walls were not to be touched. The Scout Hall had hard reflective materials for every surface which made it near impossible to bear when in use. As the walls were off bounds, this left us with the option of using the ceiling. At Soundsorba we have many acoustic panel solutions for walls and ceiling, so it was easy to find a solution for them.

The Cloudsorba acoustic panels were the preferred acoustic solution. This meant that the acoustic panels would be suspended from the ceiling. The Cloudsorba acoustic panels provide Class A sound absorption and also are a contemporary solution to noise problems.

The Scout Group chose a custom size which fit perfectly within the ceiling space and also the colour Oyster from our standard range of 72 colours.

Room Type: Scout Hall
Products: Cloudsorba Class A acoustic panels.

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