Acoustics in Music Rooms, Radio and TV Studios

Music rooms, Radio and T.V Studios need to have the acoustics designed from the start as it is fundamental to the use of such rooms.

Unlike most rooms, special professional attention is required and it is important to get our acoustics engineers involved at the initial design stage. There have been many cases of such rooms being built relying on amateur advice and then problems with acoustics have arisen leading to expensive and time consuming rectification.

Most rooms require good acoustics at the middle frequency range to cater for the human voice which is around 400 Hertz to around 4,000 Hertz. However, music, radio and T.V Studio need to cope with a much wider range of frequencies from 30 Herts to 16,000 Hertz.

To cater for the wider range of frequencies , one single product may not be enough to provide a complete solution. A combination of bass absorbers, middle and high frequency absorbers and diffusors can be required. It is best to speak to one of our acoustic engineers so that the correct advice is sought.

Music practice rooms in schools are often poorly designed as just ordinary cubicles. Angling one of the walls at 8 degrees angle and ensuring that sound absorption is spread evenly around the surfaces of the room is often forgotten.

As a minimum, two of the adjacent walls should have 40mm thick Wallsorba panels and the ceiling should have Echosorba or Cloudsorba acoustic panels . This avoids standing waves between the wall surfaces as well as the floor/ceiling. The Echosorba can be spaced away from the ceiling to provide an excellent low frequency absorber.

Radio and T.V studios use the 40mm Wallsorba acoustic panels on walls to dampen the sound . The 40mm Wallsorba panels are also used with an air gap behind them to create a bass trap as well as providing excellent middle and high frequency sound absorption .

If the walls are parallel to each other than Diffusorba sound diffusers should be used to prevent “ hot and cold spots” in the room and to help distribute the sound field more evenly.

Sound transmission from outside areas ( and vice versa ) must be reduced to acceptable levels with walls , floor and ceiling constructions. Care must be taken with flanking sound transmission paths which can weaken the overall sound reduction of the constructions.

The doors are critical in such situations and 44 decibel Doorsorba acoustic doorsets should be used to minimize the sound transmission rather than the widely used 30 decibel doorsets which are not adequate.

Using Wallsorba acoustic wall panels

These are used in the 40mm thickness which are Class A absorbers on at least two of the walls, normally adjacent walls. Their very high sound absorption performance makes them ideal in such rooms. The different colours and availability of the Shadow joint version in different sizes enables good acoustics to be achieved in one practical product.

Acoustic Panels For Music Studio


Using Echosorba acoustic panels

Echosorba acoustic panels are a really simple solution to absorb reverberation in music rooms and studios. They are extremely cost effective in material cost as well as simple and cheap to install. They are pre-decorated in white colour and the edges are bevelled to give a pleasing visual effect.

When spaced away from the wall or ceiling and creating an air gap , Echosorba becomes a highly efficient bass absorber as well as excellent middle and high frequency absorber.

Using Doorsorba acoustic doorsets

One of the weakest points in any studio or music room is the door entrance. Sound just leaks through these weak openings as most standard doors are inadequate for use in such areas. Ideally, you should be fitting 44 decibel acoustic doorsets in every Studio and music room. A doorset comprises of the doorframe , acoustic and fire seals ( especially the drop seal which is machined into the bottom of the door leaf) , door leaf and hinges. For the full acoustic rating, it is vital that all of these components are present in such a high performance doorset.

Doorsorba Acoustic Panels For Music & Recording Studios

Using Toughsorba acoustic panels

For areas requiring a robust type of finish along with high sound absorption then use Toughsorba acoustic panels . These have a rustic finish which is available as standard in Beige or White finish. Colours are also available depending on quantity. The panels are simple to install at they are just screwed onto timber battens to walls and ceilings.

Just a few of the many Music & T.V Studios which have used Soundsorba acoustic panels :-

  • BBC T.V – Nationwide
  • B Sky T.V – Nationwide
  • I.T.N T.V – Nationwide
  • Al Jazeera T.V – London
  • QVC Shopping Channel – London
  • Vaudeville Sound – London
  • Capital Radio – London
  • Heatherwick Studio – London
  • BBC Three Counties Radio – Dunstable
  • BBC Films- Elstree
  • River Studios – Southampton
  • A.V Talk – Cuffley , Herts
  • Studio 74 – London
  • Broadcast Audio- Dudswell, Herts
  • Transform Sound – Abergavenny
  • Radio Facilities – Hammersmith, London
  • Paramount Home Cinemas – High Wycombe
  • West Country Broadcast – Catterick
  • Fubar Radio – London

Soundsorba will be pleased to help solve your acoustic problems in your Music, Radio or T.V Studio room. Contact us for free technical advice at or on 01494 536888.

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